**Just to let you know if you’re driving from Dublin you may encounter a toll bridge or two on the way. They take cash and cards but just to make you aware!** 

On Thursday 8 September, for anyone who arrives earlier to Cavan, we are keeping it traditional the night before so Jenny and guests will be out for drinks as will Alexis and guests.. but not together…so trad!!

Alexis will be having drinks from 7pm in the Cellar Bar at the Farnham Estate hotel where we are having the wedding reception. All welcome.

Jenny will be having drinks from 7pm at the Farnham Arms hotel, Cavan Town. These have similar hotel names but are different locations. All welcome.



Alexis & Jenny




We will be getting married on Friday 9 September in Cavan Ireland! 

** A coach will pick all guests up from the Farnham Estate at 1pm on Friday 9th September and take you to the cathedral. It will also bring you back to the Farnham Estate afterwards**

On Friday 9 September at 2pm at Cavan Cathedral (there’s only 1 Cathedral in Cavan) the wedding will commence. The Cathedral is here. Following the ceremony, the celebration will continue at the Farnham Estate.

On Saturday 10 September from 2:30 pm, everyone including children, the world and their mother are invited to the after party at our family home at Killynebber House, Cavan, where food from the VAN (as you can see in the pic below!), kegs, drinks, singer song writers, ice cream, evening food, a DJ & Karaoke will entertain and nurse your hangovers into the early night!!

** A coach will pick all guests up from the Farnham Estate at 2pm on Saturday 10th September and take you to our family home, Killynebber House. We will have transport arranged to get you back to your hotel after the party too. Times tbc** 



Burger Chip Van

Have ya seen the VAN

Alternatively, if you miss the bus or if you get lost, FEAR NOT…you can always call Floods Cabs Cavan as they’re a local taxi company. If that fails, just hitch a lift, they’re really friendly people in Cavan! Tell them you know my uncle John Conlon from Killynebber with the open back blue van, who lives opposite the Sports Complex…and you’ll get there just fine!

Floods Cabs Cavan

We look forward to welcoming you to Ireland and drinking Guinness all day everyday!!

If you have any questions, just call us or email!

Jenny & Alexis